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SMC has been around since 1993, so those who are investing in a supermicro server installation are certainly going to have plenty to choose from when it comes to aftermarket options and the like. Naturally as a result the company has plenty of people selling pre-owned devices and such on the secondary market. Regardless SMC continues to sell plenty of new x86 server machines that are certainly among the best around at the moment.

Extra information about supermicro server

Server Motherboard Installations

While some people might be looking for a different chipset, there are some real advantages that come with the x86 design and that might be why the organization continues to work with it. Individuals who want to run their existing libraries of 32-bit software will certainly want to invest in an x86 style motherboard in order to ensure compatibility. While a number of 64-bit operating systems can emulate 32-bit instruction sets there are limits to such emulation. Moreover they generally can't run 16-bit programs, which can have a tendency to limit some institutions relying on programs written for the MS-DOS and Windows for Workgroups environments.

Tower and Blade Solutions

Individuals who want to buy standalone units can opt for the various tower solutions that the company offers. It should be noted that they're actually designed for rack-mounted structures, though they would measure somewhere around 4 rack units if actually bolted into one. In addition they market various blade options for those who want to have an entire server straight on a single board.

Smaller Options Available

As the name of the company might suggest, SMC makes a number of smaller options for those who are trying to save space. If someone wanted to construct a compact server data center but wasn't interested in various blade options, then they could look to 1u and 2u designs that are available to them. Individuals with an interest in power conservation might want to look at these as well. They are very often more energy efficient than larger models since they take up less space and therefore can cool off more easily.

Enterprise Level Devices

Those who are really interested in having a great deal of power without sacrificing any stability should look at the 800MHz FSB Xeon devices built around the EM64T architecture. While 800MHz might not sound like much power to those who are used to home machines, it's a great deal when one considers that servers don't have to draw any GUI handles or any other interface items. All of the power is directed straight at handling user requests, which are seen as command line statements.

Buying a Server Unit

Those who are thinking of buying a supermicro server in the near future might want to keep a few things in mind. Getting one that's made from readily available components will be easier to repair if it breaks down. Plan for future growth and invest in a package that can mount more equipment soon. Read the warranty before buying, and make sure that the IT staff is ready to take on the additional load.